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The WiFi Adexchange system is a new patent pending technology which connects advertisers and consumers through a free WiFi service.  The WiFi Adexchange system provides marketers and affiliate networks the ability to generate and track, direct-response sales leads, product and service sales incorporating e/m-commerce, and run campaigns on CPM, CPC, CPA basis. Advertisements can be targeted geographically, behaviourally, by competitor, consumer device manufacturer, OS, and browser type.


The connection process is very simple and one that consumers understand and like.  When the consumer enters a network location their phone will inform them a free WiFi service is available. When they connect, a one-time, one field registration to obtain a free access token is displayed.  A random 4 digit access token is delivered via text message and entered, the consumer is now connected.  From this point forward the consumer never again has to re-register, regardless of where the consumer connects within your Network – locally, nationwide, or even internationally.  Within the system Admin and together with many other key performance indicator reports, a downloadable Consumer connection report is available which includes all opt-in consumer data.

wifi marketingOur Affiliate proximity marketing hardware Device includes advanced technology layers that give it the ability to display advertisements, track, record, and assign commissions for any Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Sale (CPS) e/m-commerce campaign. The tracking technology is compatible with 99% of all shopping carts.  Driving mobile Users directly to an advertiser’s portal while tracking and recording which advertising has been served, campaign, affiliate, location, and which WiFi device produced the results, and then assigning either fixed or percentage based commissions, on a device by device, and location by location performance basis. Devices are designed with connection speed and bandwidth shaping abilities, all configurable within the system Admin.


  • High quality results originating from consumers with validated opt-in phone numbers.
  • Highly targeted geographic locations, combined with behaviourally targeted delivery.
  • Target advertisements by Advertisers top competitors.
  • Intercept consumer showcasing and online purchases and provide your customer with opportunity.
  • Target by consumer device manufacturer, Operating system, and browser type.
  • Automatic deployment of campaigns to select locations or Run-of-Network.
  • Change campaigns on-the-fly 24/7 without any individual device management requirements.
  • No coaxing and waiting for affiliates to pick up new campaigns and to deploy code.
  • 100% Affiliate loyalty – devices produce results for your network only.
  • Using Affiliates is optional. Build a network infrastructure yourself and keep 100% of the revenue, or use affiliates to build it.
  • Affiliate and Admin device purchase shopping cart with brandable invoice system. Purchase status and history.
  • Intensive analytics showing every interaction, key performance indicator and predictive analysis.
  • 100% Affiliate fraud free.
  • Multiple layer device, network and data security.

Location Based Mobile Marketing


The WiFi AdExchange Affiliate Marketing system devices, results, advertising campaign configurations,wifi marketing revenue share opportunity and affiliate tracking information are 100% tamper proof.  Empowering every device owner with the potential to become a Super Affiliate without spending a dime promoting a website.

Should you decide to offer the opportunity to affiliates to build their own networks, within your network, the WiFi Affiliate Marketing system also includes an Affiliate User interface that provides complete and detailed campaign, device, location, performance, commission, and payment statistics and reporting.  WiFi Affiliate Marketing platform includes an Affiliate payment processing system, with payment methods PayPal, Check, and by Wire Transfer, plus much more.


  • Eliminates webserver hardware, hosting and marketing costs.
  • Make higher returns from guaranteed quality traffic and results.
  • Higher profit margin allows publishers to grow their network and produce more income instead of buying advertising for their website traffic.
  • No website management costs – devices are managed by the Network Admin
  • No websites upgrades or development costs to remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace.
  • Comprehensive analytics showing device and location performance, and all results in detail.
  • Multiple payment options, payment history and reports.
  • Purchase additional devices to expand their network directly from within the Affiliate Interface
  • Device purchase history and Tax invoices automatically produced.


wifi Marketing PlatformsDesigned to engage consumers with highly targeted and relevant advertising from local, regional, and national brands. WiFi AdExchange incentivizes consumers to use the system by providing free Wi-Fi Internet access.   WiFi AdExhange has the ability to deliver geographically, behaviourally, device specific  and  competitor targeted, merchant created and managed advertisements, coupons, discount offers, banners, and video infomercials to consumers.

WiFi AdExchange hardware and cloud based technologies.  Providing marketers a means to build their own brand rather than someone elses. Using your logo, branding, domain, advertiser rates, terms and conditions, and much more.  From both a consumer and merchant’s perspective, the system looks and operates seamlessly as your own system.


The WiFi AdExchange opt in process is fully compliant with the latest laws introduced in October 2014.  Every opt-in process is 100% compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act , Telemarketing Sales Rule, and CAN-SPAM Act.  WiFi AdExchange includes Email marketing and Text marketing systems that allows Network operators to take full advantage of the data aggregated.


A self-serve Merchant system is designed to bring new merchants on-board automatically. Allowing merchants to review the benefits, select an advertising package that matches their needs and geography, subscribe to it and pay online, and start advertising within minutes.

WiFi AdExchange includes template-based tools for merchants to create well-presented business listings and appealing advertisements in a very simple 1-2-3 step process.  Merchants’ select and purchase Admin created advertising packages relevant to their marketing needs, location, and budgets.  Merchants keep 100% of the sale price.

The Merchant interface includes tools to track and monitor campaign performances, predictive analysis reporting that forecasts redemptions, service and stock requirements for up to three months in advance, based on current monthly trends: Additional tools to manage consumer reviews and email subscriptions: Newsletter feature provides a means to create and disseminate periodic newsletter to subscribers: Barcode generator: Coupon embedding code generator enabling a merchant to integrate their coupons into their website to extend campaign reach to existing customers: Email subscription code generator for integrating into websites, newsletters, and other promotional media: Direct link codes for both Mobile & Web coupons and offers that can be used for any promotions including QR Code production.

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Consumer behavior targeting presents a tremendous opportunity to engage consumers at a time, place, and with their interest focused. Returning the most responsive results ever.  Our systems monitor consumer behaviour and interests while they shop and research. Then at the most opportune time we deliver a matching merchant advertisement directly to the relevant content the consumer is viewing. Our behavioural engine is 100% tuneable and trainable from within the Administration management interface.


Target consumer devices by Device Brand, Device Operating System, and Device Browser Type.  Useful for App dissemination, Carrier Network, and other specific campaign styles.  The device specific targeting module is updated weekly to ensure the latest device information is always available.


wifi marketing platform reviewsThe competitor targeting system is designed for retail merchants to combat consumer showcasing.  You specify who your competitors are and we provide you the opportunity to reach your potential customer with a matching or better offer before they purchase online.

Automatically Manage in-Store Consumer Showcasing in Real-Time. Take advantage of the opportunity. Present a relevant counter offer before it’s too late. Know how many customers are showcasing your products and with which competitor. Know what products are being showcased and the frequency. Know which customers have showcased in-store and their contact information.


5280 WiFi now features individual brandable hotspot locations.  Every Hotspot location can be branded with a host merchants logo or a even a sponsored advertiser, as an up-sell for every location in your Network.


WiFi AdExchange provides extensive real-time reporting and analytics that enable merchants and administrators to instantly evaluate and compare a campaign’s performance and ROI.

From a command position, administrators can review a network performance overview, run predictive analysis forecasts, or scrutinize every keyword found on content viewed by system Users, and view consumer sessions by location/device.  We provide administrators an unsurpassed array of reports and tools to ensure you are in control.


Available in highly optimized indoor and outdoor models. Devices are 100% Plug & Play – Set and Forget.  There is absolutely no device level management required. Simply place & connect our Wi-Fi marketing hardware devices.  Devices automatically self-configure to a location, geo-fencing consumers, displaying relevant advertisements based upon location, and consumer interests, while providing free Internet access.

WiFi AdExchange includes marketing tools and ad delivery mediums to satisfy even the most aggressive location based marketer’s endeavours.


WiFi AdExchange includes a proprietary WiFi Affiliate Marketing System that replaces the white label wifi marketing platformtraditional affiliate website with a WiFi marketing device.  Devices are typically deployed in high-footfall areas and the consumers come to you instead of paying to drive traffic to a website.  Systems operate 24/7, 365 days a year.  You control your campaigns, advertisements, marketing locations, devices – with or without affiliates.

The WiFi Affiliate Marketing System gives mobile marketers the ability to offer clients direct-response sales leads produced from lead forms, make product and service sales incorporating e/m-commerce, and CPM, CPC, CPA campaigns.

The WiFi Adexchange Affiliate Marketing System has ability to display, track, record, and assign commissions for any Cost per Thousand (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Action (CPA), Cost per Sale (CPS) e/m-Commerce campaign, and is compatible with 99% of all shopping carts.  Driving results directly to an advertiser’s portal while tracking and recording which advertising, campaign, revenue partner, affiliate, location, and device produced the results, and then assigning either fixed or percentage commissions, on a device by device, location by location performance basis.

Devices, results, advertising campaign configurations, and affiliate tracking information is completely tamper proof. Empowering every revenue partner/affiliate with the potential to become a Super Affiliate without wasting a dime promoting their website.

The WiFi Affiliate Marketing System also includes a Affiliate User interface should you decide to power up your existing affiliates with the latest technology.  The Affiliate Interface provides complete and detailed campaign, device, location, performance, commission, and payment reporting.  The WiFi Affiliate Marketing System payment processing system includes affiliate payment methods by PayPal, Check, and by Wire Transfer.

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Take your clients television commercial and display it to mobile with 100% attentive audiences.  Provides the ability to display advertising video infomercials at configurable, strategic intervals during the consumer’s free Wi-Fi session.  Included  Title and linked Call-To-Action areas allow immediate consumer direct-response and interactivity.

Target audiences geographically, behaviourally, competitor, User device manufacturer, device operating system, device browser type, day of week, time of day, set start and end times, and duration. Frequency cap by session, number of views, and advertisement priority.


Once a consumer registers by obtaining a free access token, they can automatically access free wireless Internet from anywhere within your network regardless of the number of locations your have or where they are located, locally, on the other side of the country or even Internationally.  Register once – connect anywhere!


WiFi AdExchange has the ability to extend the proximity marketing area reach far beyond the original location and to the consumers home and office.  Consumers can take advantage of all of the offers they found from the convenience of their home and office.  WiFi AdExchange includes a Web Interface that allows consumers to shop from home or office, select offers of interest, add them to the inbuilt Mobi-Wallet account interface and use their mobile phone to redeem the offers the next time they are out shopping.  All communication emails and text messages to consumers are 100% configurable.  Consumers also have the convenience of adding an RSS feed from your WiFi AdExchange Network to their browser.  Every time a new deal comes onto the system their browser will alert them. Keeping merchant offers in focus.

5280 WiFi proximity marketing systems extend and yet simplify mobile marketing to an entirely new level.


The  WiFi AdExchange system offers marketers a real Mobi-Monopoly, with exclusive features not found elsewhere, including a comprehensive network management system, a  coupon, discount offer redemption system that allows merchants to create listings, manage and edit their own advertising 24/7.   WiFi AdExchange includes numerous network up-sell technologies, text marketing, email marketing, banner advertising, sponsored Wi-Fi login pages and system default self-promotion, and much more…  WiFi AdExchange makes every touch point count!

  • Mobile, Web, Merchant, Affiliate/Revenue Partner, and Admin interfaces are all brandable.
  • Use your domain name, logo, copyright, terms & conditions, privacy policy, and more.
  • Receive payments directly using PayPal, or to your preferred merchant account.
  • Look & feel allows you to change and personalize consumer touch points.
  • Personalize system emails and Text messages.
  • WiFi AdExchange is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian, and Hindi. With Chinese, and German, ready by May 2014.


We have been producing proximity marketing hardware solutions, operating networks, assisting clients, educating, and learning ourselves in this space since 2008.  Many resellers in this industry learned what they know from us.  It’s taken many years of experience and at a considerable expense to produce a proprietary technologically superior marketing system that can accommodate marketers needs, cumulating in the WiFi AdExchange Direct-Response Marketing system.radius-networks-ibeacons

WiFi AdExchange is a proprietary patent pending hardware & cloud platform technology that is seamlessly integrated together using proven, robust technologies, integrated into one amazing marketing and advertising solution.

Statistically mobile coupon redemption is 20 to 40 times greater than print coupon redemption because mobile coupons are convenient and are when and where consumers are ready to spend.

With WiFi AdExchange advertisers deliver incentives, discount coupons, video infomercials, and branding elements in a “one-to-one” consumer engagement environment, which consumer engagement is the life blood of commerce because consumer engagement is where the money is!

Through implementation of Wi-Fi technology, a frequency that delivers 13 times greater bandwidth than Bluetooth (800 Kbps vs. up to 300 Mbps) to WiFi AdExchange hardware, whose proximity reach is 40 times that of Bluetooth, (1200’ or 400m vs. Bluetooth 40’ or 10m).

Wi-Fi has no limits on data push and simultaneous device communications. Bluetooth has limited connection capability and unlike BT, Wi-Fi delivers seamless communication with any platform or provider; i-Phone, I-Pad, Android, Blackberry, smart phone, dumb phone, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc.,

wifi advertising

Wi-Fi is secure, fast communication consumers want. Wi-Fi is free (in most instances), familiar, in demand and readily accessible where BT has limited appeal to the population. Cloud platforms are powerful technology used by corporate giants; Amazon, Sun, and IBM, etc. who power their collaborations over the web and include mobile communication.

Cloud infrastructure is scalable and robust. Both cloud and Wi-Fi technologies are just two of the solutions integrated in the WiFi AdExchange Proximity Platform, making WiFi AdExchange technology sound, tested, proven and like no other advertiser platform medium.

WiFi AdExchange delivers digital advertising solutions and services including coupons, banners, sponsor branding opportunities, and video infomercials that can be geographically and behaviourally targeted, designed to deepen customer connections.  In addition, advertisement campaign management can be configured to display advertisements at specific times, days of week, dates, runtime, targeted to specific wireless device brands, browser types, category, and keyword.



As growing demand for Wi-Fi Hot Spots increase, and consumer devices are set to detect Wi-Fi networks, “Wi-Fi” enabled mobile is a retail advertising dream come true……

Why? Because no technology elicits consumers engagement like mobile. Why? Because mobile is a “personal billboard” and the most profitable real estate ever developed.  How so?  Because mobile elicits response where unlike traditional advertising which consumers increasingly block, mobile empowers consumers with content when and where they want it. WiFi AdExchange advertising facilitates interaction with consumers in an engaging, convenient solution.



The WiFi AdExchange Administration Interface provides Marketers with all the tools to setup, deploy and manage a Proximity Marketing Network business in a simple and logical sequence…


wifi marketing revenue share opportunityGrow your Network exponentially!  Our proprietary, patent pending, Revenue Partner Module allows marketers to create a Proximity Marketing Affiliate/Revenue Partner Network.  Affiliates/Revenue Partners deploy devices to high traffic locations in their local area and effectively put their earning potential on autopilot.  Unlike the Internet (web) affiliate programs, the results cannot be influenced in any way by the operator or outside parties, thereby eliminating affiliate link hijacking and affiliate fraud.


Merchants advertise with ease by creating an account, selecting the Advertising package that best suits their needs and budget, and listing their business and advertisements…


Providing Consumers with a web portal to compliment the Mobile portal allows them to shop conveniently at home or the office and redeem selected deals using their mobile phone…

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