"When They Called Me About Turning My FREE WiFi Into a Profit I Was All Ears. Glad I Took That call! "

Jerry, Sports Bar

"Our most loyal customers make up 80% of our business so we really wanted to thank them and bring in more like them.  So we created a program where users that come in regularly (50 check ins) get a free beer every time they order a burger.   They love it and we really feel the impact it has made on our business. "

Alex, Big Bite Burgers

"WiFi AdExchange Allows Me To Be In Control of My Advertising! "

Sam, myFit.com

"Awesome. It’s just great! Marketing Finally Done Right!"

John Davis, Denver, CO

"Got My WiFi Advertising Set Up and Running in Less Than 24 Hours! "

Jane, flowers.com

"I Get My WiFi Platform For Free Now! AMAZING!!!"

Dan, mycars.com


NEW – HotSpot Rewards

iBeacon and WiFi meet! WiFi Adexchange just released HotSpot Rewards. More Information Coming Soon!

hotspot rewards


Benefits of WiFi


Did you know your WiFi network can help pay for itself?

With technologies like Social Media Authentication, WiFi Advertising, National Brand Advertising, and Data Analytics,

your WiFi network can generate revenue and improve your guest experience at the same time.


Engage Your Customers

 Publish your own advertising banners, promoting your location, offers, upcoming events and co-partner brand marketing.  It’s your WiFi and your location why advertise for your competition?

Engage your customers with vouchers, offers, promotions, lotteries, social media, videos and more

Revenue Share

You can promote your own special offers… incentive deals… or run ads for local non-competitive businesses who also want to reach your customer base!
That way, YOU GET PAID to deliver their coupons and special-value deals to your customers – who will NOT complain about getting valuable savings on the things that interest them most!

This is the new frontier of WiFi communications in the marketplace. Consumers love it, because they get more value at no cost to them.
And you’ll love it because it turns your “free” WiFi into a significant source of revenue for YOU!
WiFi alone doesn’t pay the bills. But WiFi Adexchange CAN!


Phone WiFi Rest



With WiFi AdExchange, you can turn your guest WiFi amenity into a marketing machine. You can harness the power of WiFi to promote and engage with your target customers.



How Does WiFi Advertising Work?


Wifi Marketing

Communicate with your customers and easily deliver valuable content. It doesn’t matter if you manage a mom ‘n pop shop or a bustling enterprise, our platform can compliment your traditional and digital marketing efforts. Effectively promote your brand, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately increase sales.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Easy Data Exportation
  • Banners, Surveys, and Coupons
  • User Data Collection (Name, Birthdays, Gender, ect)
  • Email Marketing Integration

Wifi Advertising

Own a Cafe or a Restaurant? How about an Airport or a Sports Venue? No business is too small or too large to embrace the power of Wifi advertising. Display your own ads or let us display ads on your behalf. Customers will get free ad-sponsored WiFi and advertisers will deliver content tailored to your customers’ interests.

  • New Media Space for Advertisers
  • Local or Third-Party Ads
  • Supports Numerous Ad Formats
  • Easy to Customize
  • Straightforward Campaign Monitoring


 Businesses Can Now Take Control Of Their Own Advertising!phone2


Firstly, advertisements are displayed through mobile and web interfaces. Shoppers can view and select offers, deals, and discounts that are of interest using their mobile phone/device and on their personal computer.

WiFi Adexchange extends the marketing area to the shoppers home or office once they signup. Shoppers can view and save offers, deals, and discounts from the convenience of home or office, then redeem them using their mobile phone.

Deals are stored in a special Active-Wallet system that also displays their aggregated savings.

WiFi Adexchange proactively injects advertisements into the shoppers free WiFi session when a shopper views a webpage matching the type of products or content to that of an advertiser on the system.

Advertisements can also be delivered as Ad-Overlays, overlaying existing ads on the web pages shoppers visit. Devices analyses web pages and overlay advertisements with the same size advertisements from local, regional, and national merchants on your network. Up-sell advertising opportunities include Video infomercials/commercials displayed at configurable intervals. Default Ad injections, Banner advertising, Email marketing, and text messaging.


WiFi Adexchange Targets Mobile

- Targeted Delivery
– High Conversion
– Instant Track, Measure and Test
– Cost Effective

Unlike traditional retail advertising channels, WiFi Adexchange creates a new way for retail advertisers to deliver and engage consumers in live responsive real time advertising.

Whats the value of real time advertising?

Standard ad production for print or TV takes at best days for development, often weeks, and even months before distribution is available, with WiFi Adexchange advertisers create an ad anytime, set it live immediately, target response, test call to action, identify consumer response, and evaluate sales response metrics in real time! You can actually SEE that it works!

With WiFi Adexchange immediate ad content delivery is what our platform delivers and response tracking metrics in real time is just the beginning of the power WiFi Adexchange consumer engagement.

WiF Adexchange is the new standard in retail marketing & advertising.



Wifi Adexchange


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